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Xifin rolls out RPM 10

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Oct. 24, 2018Xifin unveiled its Xifin Revenue Performance Management 10 to help diagnostic providers improve revenue, performance, and client and patient engagement. Xifin RPM 10 is a machine learning-enabled diagnostic revenue cycle management system that delivers an FASB-, GAAP-, and SOX-compliant and GL-ready financial package. Its new business intelligence capabilities include subject-oriented and aggregated data, data visualization, and analytics to help labs better understand and make use of their data and financial information. The system features a patient responsibility estimator and patient-friendly statements within its expanded portal capabilities to help patients better understand their out-of-pocket costs for ordered tests, and it provides a prepayment option.

 “The most valuable asset for diagnostic providers is their data—both diagnostic and financial. However, this information is complex and often siloed, making it incredibly challenging to use effectively. Xifin RPM 10 with the power of machine learning unlocks this data, makes sense of it, and yields meaningful and actionable financial and clinical insights,” Lâle White, CEO of Xifin, said in a press release. “Technology is the key to translating these insights into improved profitability, and the addition of machine learning is just the latest example of how Xifin adopts leading-edge technology to ensure our clients have the best tools at hand to succeed in a challenging marketplace.”



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