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Visiun offers blood-use analytics module

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Oct. 2, 2015—Analytics firm Visiun has released a blood bank utilization module for laboratories and transfusion services. The company said blood banks using the solution will be able to quickly identify how well hospital physicians are complying with transfusion service protocols. Analysis of large-scale data will also allow the blood bank to review cross-matched to transfused ratios along with determining transfusion probabilities, the company said.

“Our new blood bank utilization system provides transfusion managers with the tools and insight to take preemptive measures to optimize patient blood management, thus saving money and improving patient care,” Visiun CEO Thomas Joseph said in a statement.

This new blood bank utilization system is the newest component of Visiun’s core product, Performance Insight, which aims to provide laboratory directors and managers with business intelligence and analytics to help their management teams monitor key performance indicators. Graphical reporting provides insight into key aspects of laboratory performance including turnaround time, productivity, quality, test utilization, and blood bank utilization.

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