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Urinalysis testing device, 11/17

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November 2017—Quantimetrix announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a Notice of Allowance for the company’s Dipper POCT Urinalysis Control. The patent application is directed to a liquid holding apparatus for insertion of a test device into a test liquid. The invention includes various technical innovations relating to the formation and use of an in vitro diagnostic pouch device.

The device serves as the vehicle for the new Dipper POCT Urinalysis Dipstick Control, a single-use liquid urinalysis quality control.

The slim pouch design allows users to visually verify full immersion of the dipstick, which simulates the dipping method used on patient samples, minimizes the risk of contamination, and reduces the volume required for testing. The device is for urine analysis testing at the point of care and for use in traditional testing environments, including central labs and reference labs.

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