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Thermo Fisher’s blood test for Ara h 6 approved

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Jan. 28, 2019—Thermo Fisher’s ImmunoCAP Specific IgE blood test for Ara h 6, part of a line of assays for detecting specific peanut allergen components, has been cleared by the FDA for in vitro diagnostic use. The test is designed to help allergists and other medical providers better predict which patients may be at risk for life-threatening sensitization to Ara h 6, a protein component in peanuts that can cause severe allergic reactions in certain individuals.

“Testing a patient’s sensitivity to Ara h 6 can play a critical role in understanding the likelihood of a future life-threatening reaction,” Rebecca Rosenberger, senior manager of clinical affairs and education, Thermo Fisher Scientific, said in a press release. “Adding the Ara h 6 test to the existing ImmunoCAP peanut component assays enables us to provide a more complete view of a patient’s overall peanut sensitization, including whether a patient is at risk for cross-reactivity.”


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