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Technopath, Northwell Health join forces

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Jan. 29, 2018—New York-based Northwell Health signed a 50-50 joint venture agreement with Technopath Clinical Diagnostics, a privately held biotechnology company in Ireland that provides quality control products and informatics solutions to enhance the accuracy of laboratory testing. The new company, Technopath Northwell Clinical Diagnostics, will sell and market Technopath’s Multichem quality control products and IAMQC informatics platform in the United States. Northwell Health will use Technopath’s products in all of its laboratories.

“This collaboration with Technopath is an excellent opportunity to bring a high-quality product into the U.S. market to help promote cost-effective operations of clinical laboratories,” James Crawford, MD, PhD, executive director of laboratory services and chair of pathology at Northwell Health, said in a statement.

The deal was announced in September. Northwell Health is New York State’s largest health care provider and performs more than 30 million tests and analyzes 200,000 surgical specimens each year from its commercial lab service, hospitals, multiple outpatient facilities, and more than 40 blood-testing patient service centers.

In a separate release, Technopath announced last week the launch of its Multichem AMH quality control product. Multichem AMH is intended for use as a third-party, liquid frozen quality control material to monitor the precision of laboratory testing procedures for anti-Müllerian hormone assays. Measurement of AMH can be useful as a marker for ovarian reserve, in the diagnosis and monitoring of polycystic ovary syndrome, and to estimate the time to menopause.

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