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Dilute-and-go primers for mtDNA analysis, 11/13

TriLink BioTechnologies, a provider of custom nucleic acid-based products, announced the launch of MitoPrimers, dilute-and-go primers for mitochondrial DNA PCR amplification and sequencing in forensic identification. The high sensitivity of mtDNA PCR amplification and sequencing allows forensic scientists to obtain information from evidence associated with homicides or other criminal investigations, body identifications, and cold cases, as well as small pieces of evidence containing little biological material.

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TriLink, QuantiBact ink licensing deal, 7/13:104

TriLink BioTechnologies has signed a licensing agreement with QuantiBact to offer twisted intercalating nucleic acid (TINA) modified oligonucleotides. TINA molecules are intercalators placed at the 5’ end of primers to stabilize duplex formation. Their properties improve the sensitivity and specificity of endpoint and real-time PCR. TINA oligos may find applications wherever an enhanced Tm is required, such as triplex formation ...

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