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Sysmex hematology analyzer gets CLIA waiver

Nov. 21, 2017—Sysmex received FDA approval for its XW-100 automated hematology analyzer as a CLIA-waived product. The CLIA waiver for this device allows it to be used by a variety of nontraditional laboratory sites, including physicians’ offices, clinics, or other CLIA-waived health care facilities. The XW-100 is intended for use in patients two years of age and older who require ...

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Sysmex launches XN-L hematology analyzers

July 17, 2017—Sysmex America launched its XN-L automated hematology analyzers in the United States. The smaller XN-L line delivers the same clinical and operational value known in its XN-Series to lower volume hematology laboratories. The XN-L analyzers will also be the first to feature BeyondCare Quality Monitor, a web-based quality control and calibration verification management program. The XN-L analyzers offer ...

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Sysmex acquires OGT

June 16, 2017—Sysmex has reached an agreement with Oxford Gene Technology to acquire all shares in OGT, which will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Sysmex. With this acquisition, Sysmex aims to obtain OGT’s business and expertise in the cytogenetics domain and its reagent development capabilities used in next-generation sequencers, thereby reinforcing its base in the life science business. Sysmex ...

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Sysmex touts advanced clinical parameters

Feb. 17, 2016—Sysmex America has launched an educational section on its website that aims to provide information to laboratory professionals about the company’s Advanced Clinical Parameters, which are tests that provide additional information about the state of blood cells. ACPs expand the complete blood count laboratory test and aid in the detection of several hematological conditions. “The clinicians and physicians ...

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Intuitive ecosystem for lab support, 9/15

Sysmex announced its Beyond a Better Box product and services model to deliver a comprehensive and intuitive ecosystem that aims to add value to laboratory hematology operations through next-generation diagnostics, advanced tools and technologies, process optimization, and harmonized support known as BeyondCare.

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