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Sysmex enhances customer training with new learning center

Aug. 23, 2018—Sysmex has opened a state-of-the-art 98,000-square-foot Center for Learning in Vernon Hills, Ill. The multimillion-dollar facility provides a training environment for 3,000 customers—who will be taught virtually and on site—and 1,400 Sysmex employees annually. It has more than triple the training capacity of the previous Center for Learning, with two conventional classrooms for laboratory professionals and six classrooms ...

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Sysmex, Advanced Instruments offer CSF cell counter

Aug. 6, 2018—Sysmex America and Advanced Instruments announced a partnership that will broaden the Sysmex portfolio with Advanced Instruments’ automated GloCyte cell counter system. The GloCyte system uses a combination of fluorescence, microscopy with digital image analysis, highly specific reagents, and an intelligent counting algorithm to provide accurate counts down to zero for both red blood cell and total nucleated ...

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Sysmex hematology analyzer gets CLIA waiver

Nov. 21, 2017—Sysmex received FDA approval for its XW-100 automated hematology analyzer as a CLIA-waived product. The CLIA waiver for this device allows it to be used by a variety of nontraditional laboratory sites, including physicians’ offices, clinics, or other CLIA-waived health care facilities. The XW-100 is intended for use in patients two years of age and older who require ...

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Sysmex rolls out two hematology systems

Nov. 7, 2017—Sysmex America is introducing two hematology automation systems that aim to provide laboratories in the United States with more customized, scalable, and efficient operations. Both systems integrate with the new SP-50 fifth-generation slidemaker/stainer, enhancing automation that can promote consistency while increasing laboratory efficiency. The XN-9100 is designed for high-volume and growing labs seeking greater flexibility in instrument form ...

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Sysmex introduces CyFlow Antibodies

Oct. 13, 2017—Sysmex America announced the introduction of CyFlow Antibodies, a comprehensive portfolio of analyte specific reagent antibodies for use in flow cytometry applications. The Sysmex ASR portfolio includes monoclonal antibodies with high mean fluorescent intensity and dependable lot-to-lot consistency. The ASR antibody product launch marks Sysmex’s entrance into the clinical flow cytometry market. The portfolio of Sysmex ASRs can ...

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Sysmex launches XN-L hematology analyzers

July 17, 2017—Sysmex America launched its XN-L automated hematology analyzers in the United States. The smaller XN-L line delivers the same clinical and operational value known in its XN-Series to lower volume hematology laboratories. The XN-L analyzers will also be the first to feature BeyondCare Quality Monitor, a web-based quality control and calibration verification management program. The XN-L analyzers offer ...

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Sysmex acquires OGT

June 16, 2017—Sysmex has reached an agreement with Oxford Gene Technology to acquire all shares in OGT, which will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Sysmex. With this acquisition, Sysmex aims to obtain OGT’s business and expertise in the cytogenetics domain and its reagent development capabilities used in next-generation sequencers, thereby reinforcing its base in the life science business. Sysmex ...

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