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Remote mobile microscope, 2/18

February 2018—Spot Imaging introduced its CytoXpress, an FDA-approved consultation method that lets clinicians and technologists transmit a live, interactive image stream directly to the user’s computer, eliminating the travel and wait time associated with on-site consults.

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CMOS cameras, software, 10/17

October 2017—sCMOS, with Sony’s Pregius CMOS sensor. The RT sCMOS is optimal for fluorescence microscopy, fluorescent in situ hybridization, green fluorescent protein (GFP) imaging, immunofluorescence, and 3-D deconvolution applications. Features include deep cooling, which allows dim images to be seen without becoming obscured by dark current; a global shutter, which ensures undistorted images of moving specimens; and 5 megapixel live and captured image resolution. The sCMOS is nine times more sensitive than the previous RT camera.

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Imaging and telepathology workstation, 12/14

December 2014—The PathScope 2 microscope imaging system from SPOT Imaging Solutions is designed to save pathologists up to two minutes per slide by streamlining routine slide examination. One click of the HistoSnap button captures the image during slide examination and imprints the image with the case number and reference mark, and then archives it to the laboratory information system, file server, or cloud storage.

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