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Singulex C. difficile toxin A/B assay

November 2018—Singulex introduced its Singulex Clarity C. diff toxin A/B assay. The assay is a rapid, high-sensitivity, high-precision, one-step solution to C. difficile toxin testing that matches the sensitivity and specificity of cell cytotoxicity neutralization assay, the company reports, “giving it the potential to reduce the false-positives of PCR and the false-negatives of current, less sensitive toxin immunoassays.”

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CE mark for Singulex IVD platform, 6/17

June 2017—Singulex announced it received the CE mark for the Sgx Clarity system, a fully automated in vitro diagnostics platform powered by single-molecule counting technology. Up to 1,000 times more sensitive than existing technologies, single- molecule counting technology measures biomarkers at the lowest levels, revealing the presence, or absence, of disease so clinicians can provide the right treatment at the right time.

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Singulex, Qiagen to develop companion diagnostics, 4/17

April 2017—Singulex has entered into a strategic collaboration with Qiagen to develop companion diagnostics. Through the collaboration, Qiagen will have access to Singulex’s Single Molecule Counting (SMC) immunodiagnostic platform, adding immunoassay capabilities to Qiagen’s existing molecular testing services for the development of companion diagnostics.

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Tecan to service Singulex’s SgX Clarity platform

Sept. 1, 2016—Singulex has reached a worldwide service agreement with Tecan Group to deliver comprehensive maintenance and support for its Sgx Clarity System. The system, which is in development and not yet approved for sale, is a fully automated, next-generation platform designed to overcome the existing sensitivity barriers in immunochemistry diagnostics. “The worldwide service agreement with Tecan provides future users ...

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