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Product catalog, 4/14

March 2014—Semrock released its 2014 Master Catalog, which has a concise layout of product information and includes new products, such as assorted single-band bandpass edge filters and dichroics and the BrightLine full-multiband laser filter set optimized for 405, 488, 561, and 635 nm laser sources.

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High-volume optical filter manufacturing facility, 7/13:106

Last year, Semrock opened a high-capacity manufacturing facility for its optical filter products. Having entered full-scale production, the company now supports its OEM customers by producing spectrally complex, hard-coated sputtered optical filters with high-volume pricing. Semrock’s products are available to the emerging diagnostic and point-of-care health care and display and sensing markets, where high-performance, miniaturized optical filters are an enabling technology.

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