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Seegene unveils random access system, 10/17

October 2017—Seegene presented its Seegene Random Access System at the 69th AACC Annual Clinical Lab Expo in San Diego. The system provides order to report on the same day by simultaneously performing high multiplex real-time PCR testing on a single platform, regardless of specimen type or assays.

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Chip prep module, 11/15

November 2015—Agena Bioscience introduced the Chip prep moduleto automate sample handling after polymerase chain reaction for the MassArray 96-well System. This enables laboratories to operate the MassArray System largely unattended for high-throughput, multiplex genetic analysis.

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Extended mutation detection technology, 9/13

Seegene has launched its multiple mutation detection technology to accelerate the development of companion diagnostic tests. The technology transforms conventional real-time instruments into powerful systems to simultaneously detect multiple mutation targets in a single channel. Seegene has extended the capabilities of its real-time PCR technology to simultaneously detect more than 20 different mutations, including insertions, deletions, and point mutations, in ...

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