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Manual rotary microtome

November 2018—Sakura Finetek USA launched the Accu-Cut SRM 300 LT manual microtome. New features include a four-color LED backlit 3D precision chuck, which increases the contrast between specimens and paraffin without warming the block. Users can visualize translucent biopsies in the block using one or a combination of the four LED colors.

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Sakura launches Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus

April 13, 2018—Sakura Finetek USA launched its Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus Automated Slide Stainer, a second-generation Prisma platform with a throughput of 530 slides per hour. “Like its predecessor, the Tissue-Tek Prisma Automated Slide Stainer, with several thousand units installed worldwide, Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus continues to be the slide stainer of choice for large commercial laboratories and hospitals,” George R. Kennedy, ...

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Sakura updates automated tissue-embedding system

Oct. 12, 2016—Sakura Finetek has launched the Tissue-Tek AutoTec a120 Automated Embedding System, a second-generation, fully automated tissue embedding system that eliminates the need to manually orient and embed tissue specimens and form a tissue or cell paraffin blocks. The AutoTec technology, combined with the Paraform Sectionable Cassette System, ensures that the orientation of specimens, determined by pathologists and pathologists’ ...

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Cryostat, 8/16

August 2016—The Tissue-Tek Cryo3 Flex Cryostat, from Sakura Finetek USA, produces sections from 1 to 99 µm using a temperature-controlled blade holder and a 3-D precision chuck to accurately align the block face to the blade, reducing user’s trimming time and preserving specimens.

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Sakura Finetek acquires Genemed, 3/16

March 2016—Sakura Finetek USA announced the acquisition of Genemed Biotechnologies’ tissue-based advanced staining business for cancer detection, diagnosis, and monitoring. Genemed’s liquid-based molecular testing products were not included in the acquisition and will be spun out as an independent business.

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