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New accreditation program checklist section: Imaging mass spec scores its own quality standards

October 2018—It happened for next-generation sequencing. It was an important step for in vivo microscopy. And now it’s taking place with imaging mass spectrometry. The milestone: development and adoption of a set of specialized checklist requirements for laboratories that want CAP accreditation. Imaging mass spectrometry, an adjunct methodology to help pathologists analyze areas of interest in tissue specimens, is, at this point, used in a small number of research laboratories in the U.S., says CAP Checklists Committee member Christopher M. Lehman, MD, clinical professor of pathology, University of Utah College of Medicine, and medical director of the University of Utah Hospital Laboratory.

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Sigma analysis, role and limitations: development of a QC program for the Beckman Coulter AU5812

October 2017—The challenge for all clinical laboratories is to produce the highest quality in vitro diagnostic results in the most efficient manner. Fortunately, high quality and high efficiency are not mutually exclusive, and the direct correlation between the two is well documented.1,2 As the quality of processes increases, so does process efficiency, which ultimately drives down costs.

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Making a smooth pivot to point-of-care IQCP

May 2016—Practically speaking, there’s a limit to the number of balls a human can juggle. And there’s probably a limit to how complex a quality control plan a point-of-care testing coordinator can handle. Last year, many POC coordinators felt that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services would be pushing that limit pretty hard with its new Individualized Quality Control Plan.

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IQCP without agony at the point of care

April 2016—For many point-of-care testing coordinators, the prospect of developing Individualized Quality Control Plans is far from enticing. But there has never been much chance that laboratories could opt out of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ new quality control framework for much of their nonwaived testing.

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Paths to validating next-gen sequencing assays

July 2015—As more clinical laboratories tread the unfamiliar ground of next-generation sequencing, they are faced with the age-old challenges of establishing validation and quality control processes. Two experts tackled the topic of molecular QC during a recent CAP TODAY webinar presented in cooperation with Horizon Diagnostics and available for viewing on demand ...

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Makeovers smarten core labs’ quality control

February 2015—In speaking to audiences all over the world about the intricacies of risk management through quality control, QC expert Curtis Parvin, PhD, has noticed a certain pattern over the past 10 years. Following his presentation, he’s likely to hear this reaction: “I’m not sure I totally understand that. It sounds pretty impressive, but how do you expect me to go through that process in my lab?”

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In lab QC, how much room for improvement?

October 2014—The debut of the CMS’ new quality control option, IQCP, has sharpened the focus on QC in the laboratory and raised hopes that risk management concepts can make QC more robust. But one of the most highly regarded quality control experts in the U.S. voices skepticism about the impact of IQCP—and indeed, about U.S. quality control standards in general.

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