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Portable printer, 2/16

February 2016—Primera Trio from Primera Technology is a small, lightweight, portable all-in-one printer. Designed for nurses and doctors to print on demand at hospitals and home care facilities, Primera Trio prints, copies, and scans in full color or black monochrome from a unit that weighs 2.6 pounds and is about the size of a hardcover book.

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Auto-loading cassette printer, 2/15

February 2014—Primera Technology’s robotic-based, auto-loading version of the Signature Cassette Printer, model SCP-R, is now available. Signature Cassette Printer is designed for use in pathology and histology labs to print high-resolution text, graphics, and barcodes on tissue cassettes. It uses thermal transfer ink ribbons instead of solvent ink-jet or laser ablation.

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Cassette printer, 8/14

August 2014—Primera’s Signature Cassette Printer prints high-resolution text and graphics along with linear and 2D bar codes directly onto tissue cassettes. The printer has four cassette hoppers, each holding 40 cassettes, and can print up to 11 cassettes per minute.

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Slide printer ribbons, 8/13:86

Primera Technology now offers its chemical- , temperature- , and abrasion-resistant TuffCoat 2 (TC2) high-performance ink ribbons for its Signature Slide Printer. The new ribbon formulations were developed specifically to provide superior performance in pathology, histology, cytology, and other types of laboratory applications.

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