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Higher pay for fibrinolysins interpretation in ’19 fee schedule

December 2018—The CMS finalized its 2019 Medicare physician fee schedule and its response to the CAP’s recommendations to raise payment for fibrinolysins interpretation and reporting and to forgo a proposed decrease to the physician work value for blood smear interpretation. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Nov. 1 published the 2019 physician fee schedule. Services on the physician fee schedule are composed of three relative value units designated by the CMS: physician work, practice expense, and malpractice liability RVUs. Each RVU is separately valued and summed to equal the total RVU for each physician service on the fee schedule. The CAP advocates for the appropriate valuation of pathology services through its representation on the advisory committee of the AMA/Specialty Society Relative Value Scale Update Committee, known as RUC.

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Higher pay for therapeutic apheresis, bone marrow aspiration

December 2017—For 2018, CMS estimates a one percent overall decrease in pathology reimbursement. Pathologists will receive payment increases for therapeutic apheresis and diagnostic bone marrow aspiration services in 2018. At the same time, reimbursement for flow cytometry services will continue to decrease following phased-in reductions set by the Medicare program last year, but the CAP was successful in lessening the impact of cuts to those services in 2018.

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Medicare revises 2017 discount on add-on codes: Increases professional, cuts technical, pay for prostate biopsies

December 2016—Overall Medicare reimbursement for some professional pathology services will rise in 2017 due to increases sought by the CAP for add-on codes and other services provided by pathologists to Medicare beneficiaries. At the same time, the Medicare program will move forward with cuts affecting the technical component of pathology services, including flow cytometry, due to a targeted revaluation mandated by federal law.

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Add-ons, consults spared cuts in proposed fee schedule: Dip in revenue, any technical component codes in for a hit,

August 2016—The proposed Medicare physician fee schedule for 2017 features a slight dip in overall revenue for pathology groups and independent laboratories, but payment for flow cytometry and the technical components of prostate biopsy and surgical pathology work could fall by double-digit percentages if the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services stands pat with its final rule later this year.

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Proposed prostate biopsy policy could cut Medicare pay

August 2014—How the Medicare program reimburses pathologists for prostate biopsy specimen services could change in 2015 under proposed rules for physician payment from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The CMS detailed its proposed plans for prostate biopsy reimbursement, in addition to other payment policy changes concerning pathologists, in the proposed 2015 Medicare physician fee schedule released July 3. The proposal includes adding three new pathology measures, sponsored by the CAP, to the Medicare Physician Quality Reporting System and the expansion of CMS’ value-based modifier program. After a 60-day comment period, the CMS will finalize the 2015 fee schedule later this year.

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