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For pain care and more, PGx testing at Avera Health

July 2018—Putting pharmacogenetic testing into play at Avera Health was years in the making. It took time to operationalize it at an affordable cost. Today, it has wide physician acceptance and is seen as a strong benefit for patients. “Pharmacogenetics is what will differentiate Avera in a new era of ACOs and personalized medicine, and will ultimately lead to a model for transforming health care,” says Trisha Lauterbach, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM, laboratory operations manager at Avera Institute for Human Genetics (AIHG), Sioux Falls, SD.

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Pharmacogenomics advocates make case for wider use

May 2018—Use of pharmacogenomic testing is still limited, despite ample research, the existence of guidelines, and the emerging evidence it can help patients. Panels can be costly and insurance coverage variable, and providers need guidance—from pharmacists, the lab, decision support alerts—in knowing what and when to order and in understanding the results. Plus, patients move.

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At St. Jude, preemptive PGx tests guide prescribing

April 2015—St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, brings a razor-sharp focus to its mission: the 78-bed institution cares for children with catastrophic illnesses, including leukemias and lymphomas, solid tumors, hematology disorders (including sickle cell disease), and infectious diseases. It doesn’t have an emergency department. Consistent with its goal of advancing cures, all its patients are enrolled in research protocols.

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