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OpGen, Thermo Fisher supply agreement , 7/17

July 2017—OpGen has entered into a global supply agreement to use Thermo Fisher Scientific’s technology to support the commercialization of its rapid molecular products and informatics system to help combat multidrug-resistant infections. OpGen will combine Thermo Fisher’s real-time PCR solutions with its genomic analysis and bioinformatics technology to help health care providers rapidly and accurately identify bacterial antibiotic susceptibility using resistance gene profiles.

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Molecular-based MDRO test, 7/14

July 2014—OpGen launched a molecular-based test that can identify patients at risk for harboring serious disease-causing, antibiotic-resistant microbes, the Acuitas MDRO Gene Test. The test uses DNA amplification and detection technology to detect as many as seven genes from one patient sample—genes associated with deadly bacteria, including carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae containing KPC, NDM-1, and OXA-48 genes—within 24 hours.

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