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Super-resolution imaging system , 12/17

December 2017—Olympus released its IXplore SpinSR10 imaging system, which aims to balance speed, resolution, and efficiency in a single, flexible platform. A high frame rate and 120 nm XY resolution enable researchers to observe the fine details and workings of internal cellular structures while offering the ability to switch between super-resolution, confocal, and wide-field imaging modes.

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Semi-motorized fluorescence microscope, 7/17

July 2017—Olympus’ new BX53 microscope features an LED illuminator equivalent to a 100-watt halogen lamp that delivers outstanding brightness and true-to-life images, according to the company. The LED enables researchers to clearly see purple, cyan, and pink dyes while its consistent color temperature aims to help speed up the observation workflow, since users don’t have to take time adjusting a color filter. The coded nosepiece works with the light intensity manager to automatically adjust the brightness level based on the objective being used.

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Olympus microscopes, 6/17

June 2017—The Olympus CX43 and CX33 microscopes are designed to keep users comfortable during long periods of use, maximizing work efficiency. Features of the microscopes that minimize user fatigue include a stage that is 70 mm lower than the previous model, resulting in a large working space under the eyepieces, which makes it easier to check or swap samples with just one hand; a stage knob and co-axial focus knobs that are designed lower to the microscope base so users can reach the controls while their forearms remain resting on the desk; and a low-positioned revolving nosepiece that accommodates up to five objectives and enables users to quickly change magnification with minimal arm movement.

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