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Anthem covers Prosigna breast cancer assay

Sept. 22, 2017—NanoString Technologies announced that Anthem has issued a positive coverage decision for the Prosigna Breast Cancer Gene Signature Assay. This positive coverage decision is in line with updated ASCO guidelines released in February 2016, which recommend the use of the Prosigna Breast Cancer assay to guide decisions on adjuvant systemic therapy for women with early-stage invasive breast cancer with ...

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NanoString to develop breast cancer companion Dx

Jan. 20, 2016—Medivation and NanoString Technologies have entered into a collaboration, together with Astellas Pharma, to pursue the translation of a novel gene expression signature algorithm from Medivation into a companion diagnostic assay using NanoString’s nCounter Dx Analysis System. Under the terms of the collaboration agreement, NanoString will be responsible for developing and validating the diagnostic test and, if the ...

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Gene expression panel for immuno-oncology research, 11/14

November 2014—NanoString Technologies announced a highly multiplexed gene expression panel for the nCounter Analysis System, the PanCancer Immune Profiling Panel. The panel will enable researchers to create profiles of the human immune response in all cancer types, potentially accelerating the discovery and development of drugs, therapies, and predictive biomarker signatures for immunotherapy treatment response.

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nCounter Dx Analysis, 1/14

January 2014—NanoString Technologies launched its nCounter Dx Analysis System for high-complexity, CLIA-certified laboratories. The nCounter Dx Analysis System is the only platform 510(k) cleared by the FDA to run the Prosigna Prognostic Breast Cancer Gene Signature Assay.

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Breast cancer prognostic gene-signature assay, 11/13

NanoString Technologies has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its Prosigna breast cancer prognostic gene signature assay. Based on the PAM50 gene signature, Prosigna is the company’s first FDA-cleared in vitro diagnostic assay and uses the gene-expression profile of cells found in breast cancer tissue to assess a patient’s risk of distant recurrence of disease. The Prosigna assay is performed using the nCounter Dx analy

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General-purpose reagents, 9/13:80 (AACC)

NanoString Technologies’ nCounter Elements are digital molecular bar-coding chemistry assay components that allow users to assemble their own assays with oligonucleotide probes that target their genes of interest. The components enable highly multiplexed, direct profiling of individual molecules in a single reaction without amplification and are effective for a range of applications requiring efficient, high-precision quantitation of tens to hundreds ...

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PAM50-based gene signature test, for EU and Israel, 5/13:86

NanoString Technologies has launched its first commercial IVD product, the Prosigna breast cancer prognostic gene signature assay for the nCounter diagnostic system, in the European Union and Israel. Based on the PAM50 gene signature initially discovered by Charles Perou, PhD, and colleagues, the Prosigna assay provides a subtype classification based on the biology of an individual’s breast tumor (intrinsic subtyping), and a prognostic score (risk of recurrence, or ROR, score).

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