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Benchtop cryoembedding station, 7/15

July 2015—The patented PrestoChill is an all-dry cryoembedding system from Milestone Medical that does not use liquid nitrogen, CO2, or isopentane. The 60-second freezing time prevents the formation of ice crystals. An automatic defrost cycle is provided to eliminate the potential formation of ice on the freezing platform.

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Cryoembedded compounds in 60 seconds

May 21, 2015—Milestone Medical is offering a product dubbed PrestoChill for the cryoembedding for high-quality frozen sections. Using the product can speed production of optimally prepared specimen embedded cryostat chucks without freezing artifiacts in 60 seconds, company says. PrestoChill is an all-dry system, with no use of liquid nitrogen, CO2, or Isopentane. To eliminate potential formation of ice on the ...

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BoneStation, 8/13:87

Milestone Medical’s BoneStation is a dedicated system for standardizing fixation and decalcification of bone specimens. Users can optimize molecular testing results with increased RNA yield from routine cases by combining less aggressive decalcifying solutions with BoneStation’s controlled agitation and temperature management.

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