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microRNAs entice as diagnostic key to multiple diseases

June 2014—In research and development of diagnostics based on the small, non-coding RNAs known as microRNA, the potential clinical applications in cancer were the first to be explored and have hogged the spotlight. But the more light that is shed on micro­RNAs’ mysteries, the more promise microRNA shows as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool in an array of diseases beyond cancer.

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MicroRNA markers show staying power

March 2014—Not many components of human cell biology have been discovered and immediately dubbed “junk.” But micro-RNAs, small noncoding RNA molecules first identified in 1993, fall into that category. Like Hans Christian Andersen’s Ugly Duckling, microRNAs began their life after discovery with people scoffing at them. People even laughed at researchers who thought microRNAs held promise in diagnosing cancer.

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