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Molecular standards, 7/15

July 2015—Microbiologics is expanding its line of Helix Elite Molecular Standards with two product formats: inactivated extraction controls and genomic DNA extracts. Used for validation, verification, proficiency testing, and quality control of molecular assays, Inactivated and Genomic Extract controls are available in multiple strains; the first genomic extracts are from low passage mycoplasma strains sourced from the National Collection of Type Cultures.

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Microbiologics and Microbix partnership, 6/15

June 2015—Microbiologics has entered into an agreement to source inactivated viruses from Microbix Biosystems. Microbiologics will incorporate these inactivated materials into a line of full process controls under its Helix Elite Molecular Standards brand as well as instrument-specific quality control sets.

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Molecular standards, 3/14

March 2014—Helix Elite is the first molecular product line from Microbiologics. It includes 13 molecular standards—intended to facilitate the development, validation, and monitoring of molecular assays—for microorganisms that are difficult to grow or cannot be cultured, such as Cryptosporidium and norovirus.

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