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Leica microscopes, 9/15

The Leica DM2500 LED is suitable for clinical laboratories and for research applications in microbiology, developmental biology, cytology, zoology, botany, and more. The ultra-bright LED illumination of the DM2500 LED offers a constant color temperature at all light intensities, enabling particularly fine differentiation of colors in stained specimens.

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Leica Microsystems opens Experience Lab, 7/14

July 2014—Leica Microsystems opened an Experience Lab in its Tokyo headquarters. The laboratory is dedicated to product demonstrations of Leica microscope systems and workshops. Additionally, it serves as a showroom for microscope users who wish to get to know the instruments and accessories, such as cameras, illumination, and software. Users can bring their own samples to observe with the systems and can take advantage of a sample preparation service for industrial samples to be observed and analyzed on site.

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3D surgical microscopes, 1/14

January 2014—The first 3D surgical microscopes from Leica Microsystems with TrueVision 3D technology inside are now available to customers. By incorporating the digital smart 3D system inside select models of Leica’s surgical microscopes, Leica and TruVision have eliminated the need for a separate 3D cart.

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