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No surprises—one lab’s approach to costly genetic testing

September 2014—Medical practice is no stranger to good things coming from bad, but lest anyone be in doubt, Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha provides a striking example. The bad, in this case, was an exorbitant bill for genetic testing delivered several years ago to the parents of a sick child. The family had no idea such an expensive test had been ordered or that their insurance company would not pay for it.

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Powering down on excessive test use

February 2014—Utility companies can generate electricity in many ways—fossil fuel, nuclear reaction, solar panel, wind turbine. Which power source is preferable depends on the circumstances and the work that needs to be done. Generating optimal laboratory utilization is much the same. Providing an efficient and effective combination of tests for diagnosing hematologic neoplasms requires a different approach from achieving appropriate repeat ordering of chemistry tests in ICU patients. Delivering only the necessary blood components to cardiovascular surgery patients may take different tactics from curbing orders of expensive molecular genetic send-out tests.

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