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‘We wanted to be the best we could possibly be’: CAP ISO 15189-accredited labs on the difference it makes

September 2018—Ten years ago, Richard J. Zarbo, MD, was feeling pretty proud of his laboratory. As system chairman of pathology and laboratory medicine at Detroit-based Henry Ford Health System, over the previous few years he’d seen his team rigorously implement Lean practices, practices that had paid off in greater safety and efficiency. “Setting the bar higher was important because that’s the culture here,” he says. “This is what we do.”

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In predicting CKD risk, eGFR better when based on cystatin C

November 2013—Like turning around an ocean-going tanker, changing widely accepted testing practices in kidney disease, one of the nation’s most common disorders, may have to be done gradually. But the latest study comparing the biomarkers cystatin C and creatinine, published in the Sept. 5 New England Journal of Medicine (2013;369:932–943), is the most sweeping study to date and should provide new impetus to wider use of cystatin C.

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