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14-day hepatotoxicity testing, 12/15

December 2015—InSphero has launched a 14-Day Hepatotoxicity Testing Service designed to meet increased demand for contract screening in its patent-pending 3D InSight Human Liver Microtissues. The service streamlines toxicity testing of compounds in InSphero’s 3-D liver microtissues by initiating regular screening runs on the first Tuesday of each month, at $990 per compound.

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Ultra-low attachment plate, 8/15

InSphero released its GravityTrap Ultra-low Attachment (ULA) Plate. The automation-compatible 96-well ULA format is well suited for production of 3-D tumor microtissues derived from tumor cell lines or to screen for the propensity of cells to form spheroids in a low-attachment environment.

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