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AP-LIS vendors talk reports, interfaces, protocols

February 2018—Customer demand, cancer protocols, and consolidation of pathology practices are some of what CAP TODAY asked about when it spoke in January with four anatomic pathology computer system companies. Their AP systems and those of 17 other companies are profiled in the anatomic pathology computer systems interactive product guide. “It’s a really good time for our market right now,” says Joe Nollar of Xifin, “and systems providers need to be creative in helping their clients get the solutions they need to be scalable, competitive, and profitable.” Here is more of what they told writer Anne Ford.

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Benefits and bumps of shifting to Beaker

November 2017—If they were located in the Land of Oz, laboratories selecting a laboratory information system might not have to make a choice between full functionality and seamless integration with their electronic medical record system. They could just follow the helpful advice of the Scarecrow to Dorothy at a crossroads: “Go both ways.”

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LIS niche modules flourish amid IT consolidation

November 2017—“There’s an app for that” was a common, if flippant, catch phrase to suggest that a software solution had already been devised for just about every need (at least until 2010, when Apple trademarked the catch phrase). In the laboratory industry today, you are likely to hear more references to software’s “functionality,” but the concept is the same. While debate continues over whether best-of-breed products or comprehensive information technology systems should rule the laboratory, health care IT companies have developed a profusion of modules or ancillary applications—sometimes packaged with an LIS, sometimes sold separately—to fill software gaps.

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How billing systems profit from analytics and automation

May 2017—The laboratory financial systems of yesteryear were built to deliver on a prime directive: achieve optimal, timely payment. Fast-forward to today and the overriding goal remains largely the same, but the means to the end has become more sophisticated, with billing/accounts receivable/revenue cycle management systems providing capabilities to recover outstanding payments, pinpoint reimbursement bottlenecks, and deliver a diverse range of data.

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With cloud computing, sorting out pros, cons

April 2017—“No man putteth new wine into old wineskins” reads the biblical aphorism in Luke 5:36–39, which continues by giving the reason: “The new wine would burst the skins and be spilled, and the skins would perish.” Old wineskins, biblical scholars say, would typically be stretched to the limit or become brittle as wine had fermented in them.

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Assessing LPL software

April 2017—Twenty years ago, CAP TODAY released its first product guide for laboratory-provider links software. The demand for connectivity was growing as laboratories built their outreach business, and the future looked bright for LPL software companies.

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Workflow, regulatory unknowns tax molecular IT

April 2015—Alexis Carter, MD, immediate past president of the Association for Pathology Informatics, isn’t under any illusion about how well information technology is meeting the needs of molecular diagnostics. “Laboratory information systems right now do a fairly decent job of getting samples to the right lab, tracking the sample, and reporting results,” Dr. Carter says. But when it comes to molecular diagnostics laboratories, “LISs are really not where they should be. They’re kind of moving at a turtle’s pace to keep up.”

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