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Selective and differential medium, 1/17

January 2017—Hardy Diagnostics announced its new product, C Diff Banana Broth, which is recommended as a selective detection broth for the recovery of Clostridium difficile from environmental samples. Its name is derived from the color change reaction when C. diff is present; the broth changes from a deep red, indicating a negative reaction, to a milky yellow, indicating a positive reaction.

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Hardy Diagnostics buys GG&B

Feb. 9, 2016—Hardy Diagnostics has acquired GG&B Co. a Wichita Falls, Tex., maker of automated microscope slide stainers for laboratory use. “GG&B has been an industry leader in the development and manufacture of clinical laboratory equipment since it was founded in 1974,” Hardy Diagnostics president Jay Hardy said in a statement. “With the recent launch of the innovative QuickSlide GramPro ...

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Tuberculosis test kit

January 2015—The TB MODS Test Kit, from Hardy Diagnostics, uses the microscopic observation of drug susceptibility (MODS) method to simultaneously detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the strain’s resistance to two common tuberculosis antibiotics—isoniazid and rifampicin.

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Media-fill kits for USP 797 testing, 5/13:88

Hardy Diagnostics’ Val media-fill challenge kits are for USP 797 compliance testing for compounding-sterile preparations (CSPs). The ready-to-use media-fill challenge kits are for use in validating pharmacy compounding personnel in accordance with USP 797 guidelines. Aseptic media-fill testing is part of an effective quality assurance program to ensure pharmaceutical processes and personnel produce sterile products that are free of microbial contaminants.

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Parasite suspensions for QC, 5/13:85

Hardy Diagnostics’ parasite suspensions are designed for a variety of parasitology applications to provide reliable and consistent quality control results. The suspensions are microorganism preparations designed to mimic patient samples to support quality assurance programs in documenting process and detection proficiency. The suspensions can be used in the QC or validation of diagnostic test kits and methods, in microscopic examinations, in staining procedures, in proficiency testing, and for teaching purposes in educational settings.

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