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Automated and expandable pipetting platform, 12/13

December 2013—Hamilton Robotics has launched a next-generation, liquid-handling platform that offers contact-free pipetting over a wide volume range. The Hamilton Vantage is space efficient, affordable, and can be remotely monitored by mobile devices. Its expandable design makes it a powerful instrument for labs performing simple or complex applications.

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ELISA automation module, 8/13:88

Hamilton Robotics has a new module for its Microlab Star workstation that automates enzyme-linked immunoabsorbant assays (ELISAs). The ELISA StarLet module integrates precision liquid handling instrumentation with multiple devices and sophisticated software.

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PCR workstation, 5/13:85

Hamilton Robotics’ PCR setup Starlet automated liquid-handling system can accommodate any DNA amplification reagent kit, from simple setups and small budgets to highly demanding workflows. The workstation is suitable for gene expression, genotyping, sequencing, or mutagenesis. It was developed for different PCR types, such as endpoint-, q-, multiplex, or linear PCR.

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Customized system for cytogenetics assay, 4/13:88

Hamilton Robotics announced that the CytoScan automated target preparation solution from Affymetrix is built on Hamilton’s customizable Microlab Nimbus 96 workstation. The Nimbus 96 instrument automates target preparation for the CytoScan cytogenetics solution, which offers broad coverage for detecting human chromosomal aberrations.

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