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From the President’s Desk: Our study of member services and support

March 2019—We launched the CAP member services and support strategy two years ago, setting out to figure out which benefits were most valued by the greatest number of members, identify places where we could find better ways to direct or maintain them, and see where we could be falling short. To keep everyone connected and everything on track, we created a coordinating group whose members had access to a fine staff and thoughtfully curated findings from years of member surveys and market research. Our own surveys showed how the interests and needs of our members overlapped. The market provided context.

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From the President’s Desk: Giving group practices what they need most

February 2019—In last month’s column, we talked about practice engagement as an umbrella term for laboratory medical direction and practice management that builds strong relationships within and beyond the laboratory. The CAP Practice Management Committee has been taking the lead on this, but it cuts across multiple domains; the conundrum, as always, is the complexity of what we do. Practice management tools designed for other settings cannot meet our needs because we must address economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and collegiality concerns specific to pathology. But then, affinity for complexity is how we landed here in the first place, so that plays to our strengths.

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From the President’s Desk: Practice engagement resources for all

January 2019—Excellence in the laboratory can have a powerful impact on the culture of our institutions because we come into contact with so many and so much. Mostly, we just need to do complex things extremely well and make it look easy. In other words, practice pathology. The more than 50 pathologists and numerous laboratory professionals in my group practice, Delta Pathology, serve nearly 100 institutions across Louisiana and Mississippi.

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From the President’s Desk—CAP accreditation: perspective-taking 101

October 2018—I grew up in the CAP as a volunteer in the Laboratory Accreditation Program. It’s a good place to dive in. Many of us do what I did—work our way through many volunteer opportunities over 30 years or more because each was so interesting. There are an amazing number of ways a person can approach challenges in a laboratory; more amazing is how many of the approaches will work. Partly that’s because the learning cuts both ways—I’ve learned as much when we were inspecting another laboratory as when my laboratory was being inspected.

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From the President’s Desk: Policies to protect and preserve

September 2018—CAP leadership presents a gamut of responsibilities, including the enforcement of policies adopted to protect members and staff. What I am about to discuss is relevant to all organizations and work settings. As you read on, I hope you will reflect on how tolerance for inappropriate behavior could have an impact on your own workplace and what steps you can take to protect yourself, your colleagues, and by extension your patients.

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