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DNA quantification assays, 5/17

May 2017—EntroGen has launched two sample quality assessment products to determine the quantity and quality of DNA samples prior to running downstream qPCR and NGS experiments. The DNA Fragmentation Quantification Assay and Library Quantification Kit for Illumina save samples, time, and reagents by implementing quality control steps before preparing libraries, loading a flow cell for sequencing, and setting up a qPCR or NGS assay. Both assays rely on real-time PCR technology and require a real-time PCR instrument capable of detecting FAM and VIC.

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Multiplexed leukemia translocation panel, 1/17

January 2017—EntroGen launched its Leukemia Translocation Panel, a multiplexed, one-step RT-PCR assay that detects 10 variants in six common leukemia-associated translocations simultaneously from total RNA isolated from blood or bone marrow. The assay is compatible with several leading multichannel real-time PCR instruments capable of detecting four commonly used fluorescent probes and produces results in 90 minutes.

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