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‘Connectathon’ opens door to interoperability in digital pathology

December 2017—With the FDA having approved whole slide imaging for primary diagnosis this year, one obstacle to full acceptance of digital pathology remains: lack of interoperability. To topple that barrier, the Digital Pathology Association, the CAP through its Digital Pathology Committee, and DICOM Working Group 26 convened in October, during the Pathology Visions conference, the first Connect­athon for digital pathology.

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New scope for trial drives FDA verdict

June 2017—The new FDA-enabled milestone in pathology—approval in April of whole slide imaging for primary diagnosis—allows pathology to dip its toe into the technological revolution that has already transformed other fields. Widespread adoption will take time, training, and money, but it no longer awaits breakthrough approval.

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Whole slide imaging for primary diagnosis: ‘Now it is happening’

May 2017—When the Food and Drug Administration granted permission to Philips to market its whole slide imaging system for primary diagnosis last month, it was a “big deal” of the highest order. “Yes, this is a very big deal,” says Liron Pantanowitz, MD, a professor of pathology and biomedical informatics at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. “This event will provide the impetus to drive digital pathology forward for clinical use in the U.S., and allow us to catch up with our colleagues around the world who are ahead of us in their digital transformation journey.”

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