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Cytology workload limits: For adequacy assessments, it’s time, not slides

August 2018—The CAP and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reached an understanding earlier this year on how adequacy assessments and rapid on-site evaluations in cytology can be accounted for without causing undue impact on workload limits. The agreement, communicated to state survey agency directors in a March 16 CMS memorandum, is reflected in the updated CAP accreditation program cytopathology checklist released this month.

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In free CytoAtlas app, 750 images for 100+ diagnoses

October 2014—Like many cytopathology trainees, Charanjeet Singh, MD, who recently completed a cytopathology fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, found it challenging at times to find classic examples of entities to learn from and to study for exams. Most texts he consulted contained just one or two images of a particular diagnosis. And the material in training programs from all specialties varies. Even though there is a large volume of cytology cases at MD Anderson, for example, it wasn’t enough to learn gynecologic cytology, which is why he pursued an elective rotation at Houston Methodist Hospital.

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New programs next year in gyn, nongyn cytopathology

November 2013—Participants in the CAP cytopathology programs will have new modules to select and new cases to learn from in 2014. Samples of static images that accompany the Touch Imprint/Crush Prep cases. In gynecologic cytopathology, a new L module for education will feature liquid-based SurePath and ThinPrep slide methods only. These will be designated PAPL/APAPL, with a choice of series one or two.

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