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Cytopathology and More | Effectiveness of the HPV vaccine in Australia

January 2014—A school-based quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine program was introduced in Australia in April 2007 for 12- to 13-year-old girls. This program was also extended to 14- to 17-year-old girls in schools and to 18- to 26-year-old women in the community. The vaccination program has been highly successful, with uptake rates of 86 percent, 82 percent, and 75 percent for doses one, two, and three, respectively. Australia also has an established National Cervical Screening Program. Screening is recommended at age 18, or two years after the onset of sexual activity.

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Cytopathology and More | Endometrial cells in Pap tests—when are they significant?

January 2013—Use of the Papanicolaou test has significantly decreased the incidence of cervical carcinoma, especially cervical squamous cell carcinoma. For endometrial adenocarcinoma, which is the most common malignancy of the gynecologic tract there is no cost-effective screening test. The Bethesda system 2001 recommends reporting normal endometrial cells in women 40 years or older and any atypical endometrial cells under the atypical glandular cells category.

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