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FDA clearance for FecalSwab, 8/15

Copan has obtained FDA clearance for its FecalSwab, which comprises a regular size Copan flocked swab (FloqSwab) and a screw-cap tube containing 2 mL of Cary-Blair medium. FecalSwab is intended for the collection of rectal swabs and fecal specimens and to preserve the viability of enteric pathogenic bacteria during transport from the collection site to the testing laboratory.

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Copan and MetaSystems’ global partnership, 7/14

July 2014—Copan and MetaSystems signed a global and exclusive agreement for the integration of an automatic microscopy slide scanning system, provided by MetaSystems, with WASPLab. The partnership provides Copan customers a fully automated system for the acquisition of microscopy images of Gram slides (under the brand Metafer) integrated with the WASPLab environment.

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WASPLab system installation, 9/13

The CHU de Québec, a health care institution in Québec, and Copan Diagnostics announced the full installation of the WASPLab laboratory automation and digital microbiology system in Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus, one of the five hospitals forming the CHU de Québec.

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Respiratory sample collection videos, 2/13:108

Copan Diagnostics has worked with infection-control and point-of-care providers to develop training videos and collection guides demonstrating proper technique for collecting respiratory specimens. Among the educational resources Copan has produced are a set of videos for the CDC and Joint Commission to be used in a Web-based course on influenza diagnosis and treatment in ambulatory settings.

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