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Inside the Color Atlas of Mycology: Candida famata

November 2018—Color Atlas of Mycology: An Illustrated Field Guide Based on Proficiency Testing is a new book from CAP Press, released in October. It is designed to help in identifying fungi using the most recent taxonomic classifications. In it is more than 15 years of proficiency testing data to highlight diagnostic clusters of incorrect identifications and address conceptual classification issues. Following is an excerpt from the section on yeast.

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New Color Atlas aids in identifying fungal species

October 2018—CAP Press released in October the Color Atlas of Mycology, by Gordon Love, MD, D(ABMM), and Julie Ribes, MD, PhD. Its 388 pages hold more than 800 tables and images, with identifications verified by DNA sequencing (for images post-2009). Here, in an exchange with CAP TODAY, Dr. Love explains how this atlas stands apart from others in the Color Atlas series and from others on the market.

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15th phlebotomy edition holds ‘latest, greatest’

July 2017—After overseeing 10 editions of So You’re Going to Collect a Blood Specimen: An Introduction to Phlebotomy, Frederick L. Kiechle, MD, PhD, can authoritatively say that the 15th edition is the best. Released in March, this edition provides new information on ultrasound-guided peripheral intravenous cannulation, comprehensive instructions on proper hand hygiene, and a deeper dive into quality assurance.

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Book surveys patient safety from AP, CP standpoint

June 2017—CAP Press released in May Patient Safety in Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Laboratories. Editor Deborah Sesok-Pizzini, MD, MBA, and 11 additional contributors cover handoff communications, technology, tools and methods, human factors, a patient safety curriculum, and more. Dr. Pizzini is chief of blood bank and transfusion medicine in, and vice-chief of, the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She is the department safety officer for CHOP Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, and she is a professor of clinical pathology and laboratory medicine, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. We asked her about the new book. Here is what she told us.

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New autopsy book ‘a complete learning experience’

May 2017—Autopsy Performance & Reporting is a new book from CAP Press, released in April. The editor, Kim A. Collins, MD, and her 43 contributors wrote 40 chapters on facility design, safety, high-risk cases, the oral cavity, the placenta, the pediatric autopsy, special studies of the heart and lungs, postmortem microbiologic testing, photomicrography, and much more. “I know of no other autopsy book like this on the market,” Dr. Collins tells CAP TODAY.

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