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IVD antibodies for IHC, 5/16

  May 2016—Bio SB is offering 50 new antibodies for in vitro diagnostic applications. This generation of antibodies offers higher affinity, sensitivity, and specificity when compared with the previous generation of mouse monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies traditionally used in diagnostic immunohistochemistry applications. “Our new RBT and EP clones of rabbit monoclonal antibodies are unique reagents for cancer research and diagnostics,” ...

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Micropolymer IHC systems, 11/15

November 2015—Bio SB PolyDetector Systems are highly sensitive micropolymeric detection systems that allow for the demonstration of antigens in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues, cryostat sections, blood smears, cytosmears, and cell preparations.

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Tissue, ID micro arrays, 3/14

March 2014—Bio SB launched the Normal Human Tissue Micro Array and the Infectious Disease Cell Line Micro Array. The NH-TMA arrays are available in 11- or 23-core configurations, allowing testing of multiple tissues on one slide, and are validated for use with more than 100 antibodies in immunohistochemistry.

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HRP Green, 8/13:88

Bio SB now offers HRP Green, a vibrant chromogen to help clinical and research laboratories detect IHC markers on paraffin-embedded tissues. HRP Green comes in a two-part buffer and chromogen format that is compatible with all Bio SB polymer and biotin HRP-based detection systems. HRP Green requires a five-minute incubation period, can be counterstained with Nuclear Fast Red or hematoxylin, and is xylene (PermaMounter) compatible.

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