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New autopsy book ‘a complete learning experience’

May 2017—Autopsy Performance & Reporting is a new book from CAP Press, released in April. The editor, Kim A. Collins, MD, and her 43 contributors wrote 40 chapters on facility design, safety, high-risk cases, the oral cavity, the placenta, the pediatric autopsy, special studies of the heart and lungs, postmortem microbiologic testing, photomicrography, and much more. “I know of no other autopsy book like this on the market,” Dr. Collins tells CAP TODAY.

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From chaos to order—and compassion—in autopsies

November 2014—Pathology resident Beth Ellen Frost, DO, has at times taken an uncommon step to put family members at ease when they are asked to consent, or have consented, to an autopsy for a loved one: She’s providing her cell phone number. Simple but purposeful, and it’s one part of a new initiative to improve the University of Kentucky HealthCare system’s autopsy process, which has other pathology staff handing out numbers too.

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How high-tech approach may reshape the autopsy

March 2014—Boosters of so-called virtual autopsy say it has the potential to revolutionize the practice of forensic pathology and could help increase the share of U.S. deaths subject to medical autopsy. The technique involves the use of computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and three-dimensional surface scanning technology to help resolve tricky forensic questions such as whether a woman was killed with a hammer or a bicycle wrench.

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