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ArcherDx, Ambry Genetics partnership, 5/18

May 2018—ArcherDx and Ambry Genetics announced a partnership in which Ambry will provide biopharma sequencing services using ArcherDx’s next-generation sequencing assays. Ambry Genetics will utilize Archer Immunoverse and VariantPlex NGS assays to provide large-scale immune repertoire analysis and chimeric antigen receptor T-cell manufacturing characterization and pharmacodynamics to biopharma customers.

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ArcherDx, HeliTec strategic partnership, 6/17

June 2017—ArcherDx and precision medicine company HeliTec (Shenzhen, China) announced a strategic partnership to advance NGS-based cancer diagnostic development in China. The partnership will entail co-developing and cross-licensing NGS-based technologies with the goal of registering oncology diagnostic kits with the Chinese Food and Drug Administration.

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ArcherDx, Almac partner on NGS assays

Oct. 18, 2016—Almac Group’s diagnostics business unit announced its partnership with ArcherDx to provide FusionPlex and VariantPlex NGS assays as part of their companion diagnostics partnership solutions. ArcherDx has also approved Almac Diagnostics as a certified service provider of Archer NGS assays. Almac partners with biopharmaceutical companies to discover, develop, and commercialize diagnostic tests, including companion diagnostics. It also has ...

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ArcherDx offers ctDNA assay for research

Oct. 11, 2016—ArcherDx has added a liquid biopsy assay to its portfolio. The Archer Reveal ctDNA 28 is the first in a line of Archer assays developed for liquid biopsy research applications, the company said in a statement. Designed for lung and other solid tumor types, the Archer Reveal ctDNA assay includes full-exon coverage of the tumor suppressor TP53 as ...

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ArcherDx NGS assays get conditional NY approval

Aug. 19, 2016—ArcherDx said that two of its FusionPlex NGS assays have received conditional approval from the New York State Department of Health for clinical use by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. The assays, which are powered by ArcherDx’s Anchored Multiplex PCR targeted enrichment chemistry, were designed for MSK to identify known and novel gene fusions in blood cancers, sarcomas, ...

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NGS assays for hematological malignancy profiling, 6/16

June 2016—ArcherDX announced three targeted next-generation sequencing assays to capture and identify known and novel gene fusions, point mutations, and relative expression levels in myeloid and lymphoid origin malignancies. The Archer FusionPlex Blood Cancer panels use Archer’s proprietary Anchored Multiplex PCR to detect known and novel fusions from RNA.

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