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Research demonstrates clinical applicability of blood biopsy technology, 10/16

October 2016—U.K.-based Angle plc presented a poster by researchers from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center describing clinically relevant results from a study using Angle’s Parsortix cell separation system to harvest breast cancer cells in blood for subsequent molecular characterization. The research team, led by James M. Reuben, PhD, professor, Department of Hematopathology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, confirmed the ability to perform advanced molecular analysis on breast cancer cells isolated from blood samples using the Parsortix liquid biopsy technology. The researchers note the ability of the Parsortix method to harvest circulating tumor cells without the use of antibodies.

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Parsortix helps spot ovarian, breast cancer

June 1, 2015—Angle plc announced a poster presentation by researchers from the Medical University of Vienna detailing the utility of its lead product, the Parsortix cell separation system, in the detection of ovarian and breast cancer. The poster was presented at the American Association for Cancer Research’s annual meeting. The research team, led by Robert Zeillinger, head of the molecular ...

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