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ArcherDx, Ambry Genetics partnership, 5/18

May 2018—ArcherDx and Ambry Genetics announced a partnership in which Ambry will provide biopharma sequencing services using ArcherDx’s next-generation sequencing assays. Ambry Genetics will utilize Archer Immunoverse and VariantPlex NGS assays to provide large-scale immune repertoire analysis and chimeric antigen receptor T-cell manufacturing characterization and pharmacodynamics to biopharma customers.

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14-gene hereditary prostate cancer panel launched

Oct. 4, 2016—Ambry Genetics has launched ProstateNext, a 14-gene panel for hereditary prostate cancer. Several factors place a man at increased risk for prostate cancer, and these can include family history and germline mutations. Hereditary prostate cancer, the type caused by germline mutations traveling through a family, is believed to account for between five and 10 percent of all prostate ...

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Newsbytes, 4/16

April 2016—Finding, fixing, and foiling shadow IT problems: The unsanctioned use of mobile devices and cloud-based software in the workplace, often referred to as shadow IT, is a pervasive problem. Yet, through education and enforcement of policies, it’s a problem that can be minimized.

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Neurodevelopmental genetic tests, 3/16

March 2016—Ambry Genetics has launched a suite of five genetic tests for neurodevelopmental conditions: IDNext, a broad panel of 140 genes known to be associated with both syndromic and nonsyndromic intellectual disability; AutismFirst, a targeted panel of 16 genes recognized by the American College of Genetics and Genomics as associated with syndromic

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