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Stain QC slides, 2/15

February 2014—Alpha-Tec Systems’ Stain Quality Control Slides are designed to ensure the quality, accuracy, and reliability of stain reagents and staining procedures. The slides provide a known positive and negative control that the laboratory can use to limit the batch-to-batch differences in staining procedures and standardize diagnostic criteria.

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Five percent oxalic acid, 3/13:76

Used in conjunction with Alpha-Tec Systems’ NAC-PAC (N-acetylcysteinepackage ) line of digestion/ decontamination, buffering, and resuspension reagents, Alpha-Tec’s five percent oxalic acid is recommended to optimize decontamination conditions of specimens with P. aeruginosa.

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Mycobacterium specimen preparation reagent system, 3/13:74

Alpha-Tec Systems’ NAC-PAC (Nacetylcysteine-package) EA3 offers a complete specimen preparation reagent system to digest, buffer, and resuspend patient samples for lab analysis of Mycobacterium spp. The reagents in NAC-PAC EA3 improve the efficiency of acid-fast bacilli diagnostics and reduce the need to reprocess samples by controlling pH throughout the entire specimen preparation procedure with an integrated pH indicator to ensure a neutral patient sample is achieved.

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