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Agena, PerkinElmer team up

Aug. 24, 2018—Agena Bioscience announced it has entered into a collaboration with PerkinElmer, incorporating the LabChip GX Touch nucleic acid analyzer for quality assessment and quantitation of DNA in the upfront workflow of Agena’s MassArray system. The companies have focused on targeting ctDNA in oncology liquid biopsy, where the combined systems aim to support a low cost, highly robust, single-day ...

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Lung, colon cancer research panels, 7/17

July 2017—Agena Bioscience introduced targeted research panels for the detection of somatic mutations from lung and colon cancers. The UltraSeek Lung and Colon Panels enable the detection of mutations as low as 0.1 percent minor allele frequency from circulating tumor cells and circulating tumor DNA. The iPlex HS Lung and Colon Panels enable detection of mutations as low as one percent MAF from solid tumor tissue.

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Agena names Genelex as service provider

Sept. 5, 2016—Agena Bioscience announced the successful certification of Genelex as a certified service provider of the MassArray technology. The system is used to identify and validate SNPs, INDELs, CNVs, translocations, somatic mutations, including rare variants, and methylation profiles across a variety of sample types. The flexibility and scalability of the platform are designed to facilitate development of custom panels ...

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Agena expands genetic testing ISO accreditation

Aug. 22, 2016—Agena Bioscience announced the accreditation of its Assays by Agena facility in Brisbane, Australia, under ISO/IEC 17025 in the field of biological testing for determinations of SNP Genotyping, somatic mutation detection, and quantitative methylation analysis using its MassArray System. The accreditation comes from the National Association of Testing Authorities and is designed to ensure that member facilities comply ...

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