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Immunoassays, instruments, and controls, 9/15

The family of Phadia instruments from Thermo Fisher Scientific now includes the Phadia 2500E Laboratory System for laboratories meeting high demands. Phadia Laboratory Systems are fully automated instruments for running assays that detect and quantitatively determine clinically relevant antibodies in the blood.

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Rapid test for Ebola, 9/15

The BBI Group developed, in collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, a rapid test for Ebola that is in the process of being verified to allow EUA submission. Using lateral flow technology, BBI’s assay will make testing simpler and quicker than assays that require technical infrastructure.

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Sperm quality analyzer, 9/15

Medical Electronic Systems released its new automated sperm quality analyzer, the SQA-Vision. Developed based on 10 years of market feedback, the SQA-Vision is positioned to augment Medical Electronic’s line of SQA-V and QwikCheck semen analyzers with a top-of-the-line solution.

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Walkaway chemistry analyzer, 9/15

The Diatron Group displayed its new walkaway clinical chemistry analyzer, the Pictus P500. This medium-throughput system (215 tests per hour on a typical sample mix) is ergonomically designed and user-friendly. The advanced, intuitive Windows-based software and smart architecture means the P500 offers many features on an accessible platform including uninterrupted workflow, enhanced walkaway operation, and remote-access diagnostics.

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Automation solutions, 9/15

Festo displayed the EXCM mini H-gantry, its high-speed automated handling system for clinical laboratories. The planar surface gantry system is fast, accurate, modular, and flexible. This plug-and-play system can be used for dosing, barcode-based sample identification, liquid dispensing/pipetting with the addition of a Z-axis, and more. The desktop system moves vials on a planar X/Y axis with absolute positioning accuracy.

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RUO biomarker tests, 9/15

Nuclea Biotechnologies will begin offering more than 50 research-use-only mass spectrometry–based biomarker tests as part of its laboratory services. The tests detect and quantify protein biomarkers in human serum or plasma and are available to pharmaceutical companies for clinical trials, to researchers, and as companion diagnostics.

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Pneumatic tube station, 9/15

Swisslog Healthcare Solutions announced the launch of its Nexus Station. As the next generation of pneumatic tube stations, the Nexus Station provides quiet delivery of PTS carriers and improved carrier management through a carousel that handles both send and receive actions.

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PLAC test, 9/15

Diadexus and Mayo Clinic signed an agreement to collaborate in the areas of education, research, and innovation on the PLAC Test for Lp-PLA2 Activity. The FDA-cleared test is used to identify risk for coronary heart disease in patients with no history of cardiovascular events.

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Analytical and workflow systems, 9/15

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics’ boothBeckman Coulter Diagnostics’ booth showcased its portfolio of high-productivity analytical and workflow systems. Solutions featured in the booth included the Power Express automation solution, the new DxH Connected Workcell, and IRIS International urinalysis solutions for automated urinalysis.

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