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Reagents, antibodies, and antigens, 9/14

September 2014—The Binding Site announced an enhancement to its Rheumatoid Factor/Immunoglobulin-G Absorbent Reagent specifically designed for use in conjunction with infectious disease immunodiagnostic procedures. The RF/IgG Absorbent Reagent can now be used to equally test and analyze serum and plasma samples without compromising test results.

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Surface coating for diagnostic testing, 9/14

September 2014—The Mix&Go product is a proprietary surface coating for use in diagnostic testing from Anteo Diagnostics. Mix&Go incorporates a type of molecular Velcro that provides a novel approach for attaching fragile proteins to synthetic surfaces distinct to the traditional methods, enabling the development of sensitive and affordable diagnostics.

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Compact Max celebration, 9/14

September 2014—Diagnostica Stago celebrated the success of its newest instrument line with the competitive conversion placement of its 100th Compact Max in six months. The Compact Max, an intelligent, user-friendly platform for coagulation testing, is the first of the Max line of instruments that will be rolling out to laboratories worldwide over the next couple of years.

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White blood cell syringe filter, 9/14

September 2014—Pall Life Sciences’ Acrodisc WBC premium syringe filter is a filtration device designed specifically for use in the capture and recovery of leukocytes and the separation of red blood cells. The Acrodisc WBC filter contains the company’s patented Leukosorb media.

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Biofortuna expands its freeze-dried production capacity, 9/14

September 2014—Biofortuna announced the expansion of its freeze-dried production service. Biofortuna invested in a new, state-of-the-art freeze-drier and additional climate-control units to meet the increased demands of companies that are outsourcing their freeze-dried production of diagnostic kits. The additional freeze-drier and infrastructure almost doubles the company’s production capacity.

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Environmentally friendly immunoassay reagents, 9/14

September 2014—Eco-Tek products by Kem-En-Tec, distributed in the U.S. by Rainbow Scientific, reduce the environmental impact of ELISA, blotting, or immunohistochemistry applications by eliminating biological and chemical hazards commonly found in diagnostic assay components, including bovine serum albumin, sodium azide, and harmful organic solvents, without compromising quality, reliability, or stability.

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New push for standard approach to critical values

September 2014—Newly reported survey data that show widely varying international practices on managing critical values may demonstrate the need for a new guideline—already in development—to help laboratories formulate evidence-based policies. The new data from European labs were presented during a session at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s Annual Meeting and Clinical Expo in Chicago (“Critical Result Management Practices: Global Perspectives and Recommendations for Best Practices”). The session also provided a preview of a forthcoming draft guideline from the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute that represents the organization’s first formal attempt to advise laboratories around the world on critical values reporting.

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Keys to curbing tube interference with test results

November 2013—There’s nothing flashy about specimen tubes, which may look like the most mass-produced, commonplace items in the laboratory, but appearances can be deceptive. All tubes are not created equal. “We know that preanalytical errors account for the majority of errors in the laboratory, and many of those errors derive from the tube type in which you collect your sample,” says Leslie J. Donato, PhD, co-director of the hospital clinical laboratory and point of care at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

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