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Benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer, 9/15

EKF Diagnostics launched its Altair 240 clinical chemistry analyzerEKF Diagnostics launched its Altair 240 clinical chemistry analyzer, a benchtop platform that is EKF’s first fully integrated chemistry system for the global market. The fully automated system has LIS bidirectional connectivity, and double arm functionality yields up to 480 tests per hour.

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Analytical and precision balances, 9/14

September 2014—Ohaus will launch in September its Adventurer line of analytical and precision balances for standard laboratory weighing. Adventurer has nine application modes, including weighing, percent weighing, counting, check weighing, dynamic weighing, totalization, formulation, density determination, and display hold.

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Hemoglobin analyzer, plasma centrifuge, 9/14

September 2014—EKF Diagnostics highlighted its expanding product portfolio at its subsidiary’s booth, Stanbio Laboratory. DiaSpect Tm, which previewed at the meeting, is a palm-sized hemoglobin measurement system that gives laboratory-quality performance for anemia screening. Delivering results in one to two seconds, this analyzer is CE marked and currently undergoing FDA approval.

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Diagnostic perils of hematologic illness

February 2015—Like a modern-day Pericles, Tracy George, MD, had much to traverse in her overview of leukocytosis, thrombocytosis, and erythrocytosis during a course on diagnostic hematology at last year’s AACC meeting. Unlike Shakespeare’s Pericles, however, Dr. George navigated the many twists of her topic with the efficiency and near-encyclopedic knowledge of an experienced tour guide.

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Tissue, chromatography, and high-recovery vials, 9/14

September 2014—Wheaton’s CryoElite Tissue Vials are designed for the safe, secure, and effective cryopreservation of biological tissue specimens and are able to maintain sample integrity while maximizing storage capacity and organization. CryoElite Tissue Vials were developed for the high-performance tissue banking requirements of anatomical pathology departments, clinical trial organizations, and biorepository and biobanking facilities.

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High-speed sorters, 9/14

September 2014—AutoSorter 2000BB is Yaskawa Motoman’s new high-speed bulk sorter for high-volume commercial laboratories. AutoSorter 2000BB provides specimen throughput of up to 2,000 tubes per hour. It minimizes manual handling of specimens through bulk loading and unloading, and reduces sequential sorting by fine sorting in one step.

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