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Sakura updates automated tissue-embedding system

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Oct. 12, 2016Sakura Finetek has launched the Tissue-Tek AutoTec a120 Automated Embedding System, a second-generation, fully automated tissue embedding system that eliminates the need to manually orient and embed tissue specimens and form a tissue or cell paraffin blocks. The AutoTec technology, combined with the Paraform Sectionable Cassette System, ensures that the orientation of specimens, determined by pathologists and pathologists’ assistants, is locked from grossing to microtomy for all routine tissue types.

The embedding system incorporates a cassette barcode reader for future LIS connectivity and traceability of specimen blocks as well as a new technology to remove excess paraffin. A 15-inch touchscreen monitor and the operating system aim to deliver improved user convenience. Redesign of the input and output doors, the paraffin reservoir, and access to the base molds improves ergonomics while requiring minimal user maintenance. The AutoTec a120 also has a smaller footprint.

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