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Qiagen launches QIAcube Connect

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February 2019—Qiagen launched the QIAcube Connect, the next generation of the QIAcube instrument. QIAcube Connect fully automates the lysis, bind, wash, and elute steps of the Qiagen spin columns (which can also be used manually) for DNA, RNA, and protein sample processing. It is compatible with a range of the company’s sample technologies and can be used to automate more than 80 Qiagen kits with more than 3,000 proven protocols. Full connectivity via a tablet allows users to stay connected with the instrument and enables quick response times, protocol review, and the ability to monitor runs remotely. Safety features include built-in, fully automated worktable decontamination, digital and barcode-enabled sample tracking and pre-run checks, and protocol controls and managed user access for data protection.

Qiagen, 800-426-8157


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