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Qiagen, Hamilton Robotics collaborate

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November 2018—Qiagen and Hamilton Robotics announced a collaboration to improve processing of Qiagen’s QuantiFeron-TB Gold Plus diagnostic test through the integration of Hamilton’s Microlab Star automated liquid handling workstation into the QFT-Plus assay workflow. QFT-Plus offers a single-tube option that enables screening in large-scale programs by collecting blood samples at patient sites and transporting them to labs for processing up to 53 hours after venipuncture. Use of the Microlab Star work-station will standardize and automate the manual steps in liquid handling for those samples, which can reduce hands-on time by 50 percent or more, provide greater ease of use, and ensure consistency in preanalytic methods.

Qiagen, 800-426-8157
Hamilton Robotics, 775-858-3000


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